DirecTV DVR's + DECA

I recently changed my two DirecTV DVRs and their Whole Home network from a LAN-only delivery method to a Single Wire DECA delivery mehod. Roomie now seems to have a problem ‘seeing’ the DVRs. Are their any known issues with DVR’s on a DirecTV Whole Home/DECA network?

Let me answer my own question.

After some amount if research, I have found that there is no issue with Roomie Remote vs DirecTV Whole Home/Deca. There is however, a known issue with DirecTV DVRs dropping from the network in some network environments - unless their IP addresses are set to static (not just DHCP Reserved).

Helpful tip for diagnosing LAN issues:

Get the free iOS App “Network Analyzer Lite”. It scans the local subnet and lists all devices by IP Address along with MAC hardware address and vendor codes.

Helps in troubleshooting many DHCP/IP addressing issues by verifying the presence of devices and their current IP address.

Thanks for the tip regarding “Network Analyzer Lite" I actually tried it, liked it and bought the full version. Nice tool and I’m sure I’ll need it too because one of my DirecTV DVRs is still dopping from the network every few days even after I set them up with fixed IP addresses.