Dish Network Virtual Remote via IR

I am looking to set up Roomie for a client; this will be my first experience with the system. I noticed that DirectTV/Tivo have IP capability, but Dish does not. My impression is that using Tivo via Roomie offers a graphic-rich experience with good capabilities for control (i.e. you can control everything on the Tivo just as though you were using a physical remote). My client is on Dish Network–or at least will be once the install is complete. Will Dish have a similar level of control with Roomie via IR: will the client be able to navigate the Dish guide, change channels, and playback DVR content. Or will they have to use the factory Dish remote to get full functionality?

It is a simple question, but one that I can’t seem to get a full answer for without playing with the system. Thanks for the input.

Dish boxes are all currently infrared. Infrared control of Dish boxes via Roomie includes all of the functionality one would have with a physical Dish remote.

There is also very good reason to be optimistic that as long as you are using recent Dish boxes like Hopper and Joey, Dish may be controllable via pure IP control soon.

Thank you.

Awesome. Thank you very much!