Has anyone managed to integrate Doorbird into SimpleControl? Looks like they have an open API and HTML5 Widget. Wanted to find out experiences before i sink too much into this doorbell.


I have a doorbird, definitely no native support, but it might be possible to open the HTML app within SC in an Activity, but this would only be to open app, I doubt it will auto open in the case of someone ringing the doorbell…

The Doorbird API now includes a Notification Request function, which will send a request to a specified URL when the doorbell button is pressed. Does SimpleControl interpret incoming HTTP requests? If so, it should be possible to have SimpleControl preform some actions when the doorbell is rung, tho I don’t know if that could include switching the SimpleControl app to a page with the video stream (I’m still very new to SimpleControl - sorry if I’m barking up the wrong tree here).

Hi All,

I have recently installed the DoorBird D21DKH. It is an excellent IP based solution with 2 x relays for a pedestrian gate and driveway gates. It is working flawlessly on its own app - even anywhere over GSM. Their API does seem thorough (although I am not a programmer). It would be fantastic if Simple Control could show a popover with the door camera feed, an answer and end button, and 2 x door relay buttons. I believe the DoorBird can stream to 8 devices at once but only be answered by one. This would be perfect in a small Simple Control environment.
Any assistance would be most welcome.


The DoorBird video stream is easy to integrate into anything that accepts RTSP. I’ve used it directly with Simple Control and also used with it SecuritySpy (an NVR application for the Mac).

I have not tried to integrate the DoorBird notification interface.

The limitation is that the DoorBird streaming interface is lower resolution and doesn’t provide access to the native higher resolution capability of the camera, so that kinda defeats the benefit of being able to use the DoorBird instead of a regular IP camera for a continuous video feed.