Double power-on for switch


I’ve got a configuration where we have a projector that I want on for every activity except one. Here’s my problem.

I want to be able to switch between activities such a watching tv and apple tv, so I don’t want a power on command in every activity (projector doesn’t power down but goes ‘black’ for about 15 seconds if given power on command while powered on, epson 3010) but I want it to also auto-power-on when an activity is selected.

Normally, I’d do this by assigning it as ‘power for all activities’ the way I do with our Av Receiver, however I want to be able to listen to music in the room without the projector turning on.

On our Harmony remote the remote was ‘smart’ enough to realize the projector was already on, and not send the power-on command again. Is there a way to set Roomie to do this?

Thank you

Version 1.6 does have a solution for that without creating a new button/activity.

Meanwhile, the best solution in 1.5.X for that is probably to create a System On button that explicitly turns the projector on.

Okay great to have a workaround, and good to know you’re working on fixing it!