Drop down options

Some of the buttons in the remotes have multiple options under a drop down. I have crafted my own device to control my lighting and have been able to create separate buttons for (e.g.) dim 10 %, dim 50 %, dim 75%, dim 100%. It would be good if I could have all of these options under a single drop down button marked “Lighting” or similar.

In a similar vein, I see that the officially supported lighting systems have sliders etc. Is it possible to create a custom device which uses this type of control? I couldn’t find anything in the documentation on custom devices.

Did you ever get the drop down issue solved? I’m unsure why Roomie support jump on certain questions, and allow others to remain unanswered.

I can’t answer the “slider” question, but have done what I think you are looking for with the dropdown menus: If you use the same prefix for a custom device command in the “RoomieCodes” plist file (such as “Dim 10%”, “Dim 20%”, “Dim 50%” - in this case, using the prefix “Dim” each time) - Roomie will automatically group the commands under a common button that has the individual options available in a DD menu (in this example, all under a ‘master’ button labeled “Dim”). You’ll obviously need to play around with the exact naming to make it intuitive as both a master label as well as being suitable for the option names in the DD menu.

I get frustrated that this type of thing isn’t documented (at least, not in a place where I can find it) - there are a lot of powerful things in the app, but it feels like many of them can only be found by stumbling around or through trial and error.

Anyway, hopefully that helps a bit.


Collapse commands (those shown in a popup) as they are called in the app are based on command name, as you can see in the app as the name field appears when you turn it on. The examples provided in the app demonstrate this using “MODE” and “INPUT”.

We do try to post whenever we feel a particular response should exist on the forums or we can be particularly helpful. In this case, other than creating a custom command set, you can’t manipulate command names so using separate buttons is the way to go. At a general level, we feel a few deep and arcane areas like this one could use improvement and that they’re likely to change before we have a chance to document them properly anyway. We also interpret when people say the Collapse feature is not documented, it means the implementation of the feature needs to explain itself better as we don’t want people looking for documentation anyway unless a topic is so highly technical that it’s outside the app like the DDK.

Sliders are not provided right now for lighting, and that’s definitely something we are adding.

Thank you. This helps a bit in that I do indeed have several commands called “Dim 10%”, “Dim 25%”, “Dim 50%”,… etc and when I view the default virtual remote for the device I have defined, it does indeed collapse all the “Dim…” commands in to one popup. However, what I would like to do is add a button to my Tivo remote design which allows me to dim/brighten the lighting without having to exit that remote - I am trying to active high WAF and having all the buttons on one screen will help with this. However, while I can add commands pointing to other devices, this doesn’t seem to collapse them - I can only add discrete buttons for one command.

I can create a collapsed button in the Tivo remote design, but I am guessing this is looking for commands within the device that the design applies to and doesn’t allow me to point it at another device.

Am I missing something or is this the limitation of Roomie at present? I could work around it by having a dim/bright command, but this will require me to write additional code in my TCP middleware - the lighting controller needs UDP broadcasts which isn’t supported by Roomie.