Dropbox and Roomie Agent

Is there any a reason to keep Dropbox linked if I backup the configuration with Roomie Agent?

Having Dropbox forces the same Dropbox account onto each iDevice. Which is not convenient for multiple users with their own Dropbox account and iDevice.

No. At this point Dropbox support is more of a legacy feature we’re retaining because we have people that used it in the past and may have their data there. Much more efficient and integrated backup is achieved either via Roomie Agent or the Roomie Service.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Is there any way to upload your own graphic files into Roomie Remote without Dropbox?

Roomie Agent now supports image backup and restore.

Roomie Service backup and restore also handles custom images though they must first be added to Roomie using either Roomie Agent or Dropbox.

Thank you.