Dropbox Sync?

If I want to keep multiple iOS devices in sync, from both an A/V device configuration perspective as well as an activity synchronization perspective, what settings would I need to configure on each iOS device to achieve this? If necessary, I am ok with one iOS device acting as the master from a configuration perspective. However, all devices should always reflect the current activity state within a few seconds of an activity update.

For instance if my wife uses Roomie on her iPhone to start Watch TV in the family room , then I later start Roomie and select Family Room, it should show me the cable box remote and allow me to adjust volume, etc.

What happens today in this scenario is that when I start Roomie & select family room, I’m brought to the activities page, showing no active activities. If I select Watch TV, that toggles power on the cable box (since no cable box I know of has discrete on/off), resulting in a negative SAF. Then I have to turn the cable box back on before I can adjust volume, change channel, etc.

instead, I would like the Roomie on my ipad to get a current status update from dropbox so it drops me into the correct activity state on entry. Ideally, I’d really like to be able to specify a share on my NAS for the file location & avoid needing the Internet for this altogether.

Activity Memory (what you’re referring to) requires iCloud Synchronization. Dropbox is for master configuration management, but there is no automatic push with Dropbox. iCloud is for that type of live two-way synchronization and requires the same iCloud account on each device you want to sync that way.

I have been wanting the feedback mentioned above as well, Is it as simple as syncing with icloud and the 2 way feedback will work?Thus meaning it will show the existing activity and such? Is there any thing else I need to know before I go ahead and sync?