Dune MyMovies support

I just started using roomie and I love it. A killer addition to your app would be a MyMovies style bluray/dvd media catalog for integration with Dune. I see that you have your own cable/ satellite tv guide add on; maybe you can modify it to include that functionality.

I agree. I also use MyMovies to categorize all of my media in Windows Media Center. It would be great if you can use your HD Guide Pack and view all of your movies on your computer right in the Roomie App with the cover art click on it to get details about the movie, ratings, cast info, and then right from the cover art select the movie to play. Currently I switch back and forth between the Roomie App and MyMovies App to do this.

I too would love support for this.



I would love this feature as well!


+1 That would be a great addition.

i also use mymovies with a duneHD player. I would greatly appreciate being able to use mymovies with Roomie!



Any update to this? Our movies are stored on a MyMovies Windows server and played back via DuneHD player. It provides a Kalaidascape type experience for a fraction of the cost.

I’m also using Dune and MyMovies. Would love to see support for this.