End of row in top bar

I love the end of row thing… Can you make it available in the top bar as well?

If you add more buttons it starts new rows below the top bar… It is a great place for commenly used buttons… for example on my directv activity i like to have my colored buttons and a few othere things At the top so that I dont have to scrole up and down… But when i sync the same layout to my ipad some of the buttons on the second row shift up to the top bar…

+1 for end of row in top bar. my important buttons are in the top bar. i don’t want to scroll down for them.

You can get a few more up there if you specify ‘rockers’ instead of buttons.

Each rocker can have 2 buttons on it

I use top row for tivo, ch up/down, vol up/down and exit/guide

Here is why we need a row end in the top bar… it messes with the layout on the iPad :frowning:


I tried adding a button and editing the plist to set the type number the same as a row end… didn’t work though