Equipment configuration...?

Hello I am looking into switching over to the roomie remote system but I have an issue. I use a Optoma HD20 projector that is already installed in my ceiling with no usb or rs232 ports. I was thinking of using the WF2IR in my equipment closet but I do not want to run the IR blaster cable out in to my finished theater space for the projector. To battle that issue I was wondering can I use a Global Cache itach flex mounted in the ceiling next to the projector with the blaster or an emitter in front of the projector IR? If I use both these devices will they be able to be operated Via the roomie interface on my Ipad at the same time?

Have you considered trying an IR over HDMI kit as sold by Parts-express or Monoprice. You would put the target in the cabinet where your existing ITach is and put the emitter over your Optoma ir window?

Is that some that will work over an IP based remote solution?

Using a Flex Wi-Fi mounted at the projector would indeed be a good and common solution to that.

Thank you.

Both can be controlled in one interface?

I ran an audio cable with 3.5mm 2 conductor ends from the trigger out of my processor to the trigger in of my Panasonic projector. Works great.

That’s not an option…my theater is finished, not in build stage.