Estimote iBeacon invokes Proximity Action

Is it possible to use an estimote ibeacon for proximity automation? I’ve set them up for room switching but can’t get them to work for proximity automation. I want to be able to send commands when entering the vicinity of one of the ibeacons.


We renamed your request slightly to match the feature name that it would correspond to. What you want is to say “execute Activity X on the locked iPhone in my pocket when it gets within 4m of this iBeacon”. What you’re suggesting would work in principle today if your phone was open and unlocked and you set the Estimote to a Minor value representing a known iOS device. But the key there to make it useful is to run it in the background when the phone is locked.

It’s something we’re planning to look at. It requires a lot more infrastructure and Apple approvals for running things in the background, etc. Assuming it can be done, which we think it can. Just a matter of prioritization.

Thank you.