EyeTV Integration and control

I read an old topic about controlling EyeTV and it was mainly using remote buddy which I don’t want to use and I have Roomie Agent. I’ve also ordered one of the flex units for IR control arriving soon I hope.

Does anyone else use EyeTV and what control methods do you use?

I can map up/down/right/left, enter, and escape easy enough using roomie agent .key down commands but there’s other eyetv navigation commands I’d like to be able to use but they often require multi-button presses (like CMD+R) which I can’t do with roomie agent.


I have a mac mini so IR commands could also be used - is anyone using an apple remote preset to control EyeTV?


In addition, is there a way to make the roomie guide work with EyeTV such that when I click on a channel on the roomie guide it takes me there on EyeTV? This would probably be a bit more difficult bit it’d be pretty neat. I can see issues with it though if I’m using Plex and I’m navigating the guide and it launches eyetv but doesn’t close plex.

so I just ended up using the Apple TV remote preset to control eye tv. works just fine.