Faster Beacon Response

Two suggestions:

  1. Provide a slider that goes past 10m, like to 15m

  2. Provide an option that allows for switching earlier when the device is outside the max radius. If I’m getting closer to one room, go ahead and switch to that before I get within the radius.

Otherwise, SC is often too slow in switching which kind of defeats the purpose. I realize that the beacons themselves broadcast changes slowly. Just trying to suggest a workaround here.

  1. run a background task every second to ensure that a room switch occurs before the user clicks on the app

We already do 3. The reason this is probably more noticeable since December is that whatever Apple reviewer we got for 4.0.7 didn’t understand iBeacons and gave us an ultimatum that they would not approve the app unless we removed background location updates. So we did. At some point in the future now that the Christmas crunch is over and we have more time to engage in endless debates about what an iBeacon is with reviewers that haven’t been trained on the concept, we’ll put it back in.

It takes about 5 seconds to properly range an iBeacon. Unnoticeable if we do it in the background, but more noticeable if we can’t. So this is a temporary hiccup caused by the App Review system.

Thank you.