Feedback in Bars rather than numeric

Option to display feedback in bars rather than numerically. Set low and high levels and calculate percentage based on those numbers. This would allow for receivers that show negative numbers and regular devices that are truly 0-100.

Perhaps if you’d provide an example of what you want to accomplish, this request might be better understood. You know that if you tap the volume screen on a volume controlled device, a sliding bar scale appears? Is your objective visual or functional?

For instance if you set the dimming level of an insteon device, the feedback is in numbers. For some instances this is good, but it would be better to visually show the percentage on by a bar graph rather than numerically. This would strictly be a visual indicator of the brightness rather than numerical.

Ah certainly, bar/slider feedback for lighting is pretty high on the list. Not sure if it will make 1.6 yet, but it’s coming soon.