Flex IP vs. Itach IP to IR(original)

I’m looking to add some IR components to my Roomie setup. Should I go with the newer Flex unit over the original units? From reading some recent comments on the board it looks like there are some issues in the latest firmware on the Flex unit. I would imagine these will be worked out soon but are there any advantages to the newer units other than size?

We wrote up a summary of some of the differences here:


The only two known issues we’re aware of are (1) it’s a challenge to update iTach firmware without access to a Windows machine, and (2) some people are seeing too many repeats sending from Flex to Apple TV and we have posted a workaround for that. In general, you can’t go wrong with either the Flex or the original series. Flex supplies are more constrained however, especially the blasters.

Thank you.