Forcing Device Library Download

I think the update file should be available for download separately and we should be able to just add it in the files in itunes for sync.

Will keep on trying but this has always been the case with me and I have no issues with downloads from any other source.

Hi axolotlimages,

Same problem and solution with my iphone 5 here in France.
I have to use my 3G connection (instead of wifi) to update the library.


Updating devices is always painfull. I just got a new iPod touch and have been trying to get it to update all night. Unfortunately there is no 3G on the iPod.

We are removing this system in 1.9 so that this issue simply doesn’t come up again. We get a few reports of library download issues each month, so while extremely rare it’s still disturbing to us and we are taking the opportunity now to bring forward what would have been a 2.0 feature to resolve this permanently.

Thank you.

Do you have a time frame for the next library update & also version 1.9?