Full support of iTunes server, multiroom playback

The current release works ok for controlling an iTunes server. It updates to reflect changes made by other remotes just fine. Playing single tracks is also ok. But the playback functionality could be made better by resembling the Apple Remote app a bit more. I like being able to play an entire artist at once, for example. Also, sending audio to multiple rooms would be great. At this point, I can see the rooms, but can’t check off more than one to send audio to. It seems to glitch when I try it. Basically, make it more like the Apple Remote. I often have to switch over to it once the rooms are set up because it is much easier to use.

But, your lock screen and volume control override are really great features not found in the Apple Remote, so it still would be nice to roll everything into Roomie and make it the single app.

Version 1.7 does have multiple Airplay speaker support.

Can you please walk me thru how to do multiroom with airplay. I have tried and it is only letting me pick one option at a time. I am using the newest version of Roomie. Thx

Note that iTunes prohibits multiple target video for Airplay. So if you’re playing a song, you can use Roomie (or iTunes) to target multiple outputs. If you’re playing video, Roomie (because of iTunes) will limit you to one target.

Thank you.