Future support for Leviton WiFi switches?

I have been replacing my Z Wave switches and dimmers with the new Leviton WiFi switches. They integrate with Alexa and the Leviton app. So far I am very impressed with them. Any chance that they will be supported in a future release of Simple Control?

Haven’t seen an API for those, but also have not looked. If we get an API for them, we’ll take a look.

Meanwhile, that same line also has Z-Wave and HomeKit switches that are basically identical. The Z-Wave versions we would work with right now via the many Z-Wave adapters we support (SmartThings, ISY, Vera, etc.). The HomeKit versions are supported in 5.0 due later this year.

Personally, I would not choose Wi-Fi as a technology for each IOT element in a home when you get down to the low-power passive items like switches. It’s a bigger hammer than is ideal. Either Z-Wave or HomeKit are good options.

Thank you.