Gesture question and requests

  1. Is there a way to call up the Gesture switcher with one tap (i.e., with one hand)? Sometimes you pick up the phone, while holding something with the other hand, so you don’t have a free hand to do the pinching. But you can tap or tap-and-hold with your thumb.

  2. Please add labels to the icons on the Gesture switcher page. Other than the home icon, the icons alone aren’t enough to differentiate between them.

  3. I love the mini-swipe buttons that prevent accidental entry. However, the center button (the play button, for example) doesn’t require a swipe and therefore is still susceptible to accidental entry. Why not allow the play and pause buttons to switch places when swiped? So, if you swipe up from the center to enable pause, the pause icon would move to the center, and the play button would move to the upper slot. Then, to enable playback again, you’d swipe up to play. In other words, all commands would require a swipe, rather than the current scheme, which still has the “unprotected” center button. :slight_smile:


Re: My item #1 above:

After resetting my Apple TV remote, I noticed the addition of the new button (with the “finger tap” icon) that calls up the gesture switcher. Since I primarily use custom remote designs, I wasn’t aware of this button’s existence.

Now that I know about the button, my question is this:

How do we add that button to our custom remotes?

I’ve tried and tried to no avail. Upon inspecting that button on the AppleTV remote, I see that the button’s action is called “Switch Panel: Toggle.” But when I create a new button on a custom design, I can’t find “Switch Panel: Toggle” among any of the available actions to assign to the button.

What am I missing?

The Gesture button is added to all Virtual Remotes by default (there are a few exceptions for things like Lighting-only remotes). It’s a standard button with an Action Type of Switch Panel. Action Type is a new feature from 2.0. If you tap that row right there in your screenshot, everything is explained. You will see this right here:

Action Type

You can either set the Switch Panel Action Type as a toggle, or if you select one of the panels below at the bottom, you can create a button that jumps directly to a specific Gesture panel. For instance, you could create a row of buttons to jump to each Gesture panel individually rather than swipe between them.

Thank you.

I found the “Switch Panel” action type, but you wrote:

“You can either set the Switch Panel Action Type as a toggle…”

How? How do we set it as a toggle? I assume that by “toggle,” you mean the button will cycle through the various gesture panels. I realize this may seem obvious to you, but it’s unclear how we’re to choose the “toggle” mode. After selecting “Switch Panel,” there’s no option for selecting “toggle.”

I was hoping to create a button that takes me to the gesture switcher (the one with the 6 icons), so I can choose the panel I want. But I gather that’s not currently possible.


Partial progress:

I now see that the toggle is created as long as you don’t select a gesture panel. That wasn’t clear. (Also, once you’ve selected a gesture panel for a button, there’s no way to deselect a gesture panel; you have to just delete that button and create a new one. It would be nice if we could tap the selected panel again to remove the blue check and deselect it.)

So – I now have a toggle button. But how do I get it to toggle? Each time I tap it, it takes me to the same panel! It’s not toggling. So, it’s not clear how to make the toggle button actually cycle among the gesture panels.


Although I managed to figure out how to create the toggle button, I’m still unable to cycle through the various gesture panels. Is that not what is meant by “toggle”? (If not, how does a toggle differ from a button that calls up a specific gesture panel?)

Clarification would be greatly appreciated.

Just to be sure we looked it up:

computers : a setting that can be switched between two different options by pressing a single key, making a single choice from a menu, etc.

By toggle, we simply mean switching in and out of gesture mode. Selecting a specific gesture panel will go directly to that panel rather than act as a toggle.

Thank you.