Maybe it’s just me, but I do not understand how the gestures work. I wish the instruction video had sound explaining how to set it up and how to use the gestures. They do not appear in my remotes.

Gesture Panels are accessed in these ways:

  1. By default, a Gesture button is added to new Remote Designs. If you have a customized Remote Design, Roomie wont try to add this button so you either need to add one or use Reset Design to bring your design back to default in order to use this.
  2. Pinching the DPad or PlayPad or MediaPad from the inside to the outside of the pad (a zoom gesture) will jump you to that gesture panel.
  3. All other pinch gestures in essentially the entire app including the guide will jump you to the switcher that allows selecting between the various available panels.

You may want to establish additional Gesture buttons to jump to specific panels. The Remote Design editor allows you to do that as well.

Thank you.

The news section shows a gesture panel that has a volume feedback window in it. I can see how to change the functions and or commands associated with the tap or slide buttons but I cannot figure out how to add anything else to the gesture panels. Is editing the panels only partially implemented at this time?

Also I see some command options that I don’t understand, e.g. List and Screen.

When time permits could you elaborate somewhere on editing/creating the new gesture panels feature.

Thanks in advance.

One aspect of the volume feedback inside the gesture panels is that it fades in as you change the volume, it is not static, and fades out a few seconds after the last change.

To edit a gesture panel, tap the design name at the top of the gesture panel which jumps directly to that panel. All 9 of the available gestures for each panel are editable there along with the ability to add more gesture panels.

A List command is what used to be called a “Collapse” command. It’s use for instance to show all commands prefixed by “INPUT”.

A Screen command shows the mouse control/screen viewing interface when using a device that supports it such as Roomie Agent.

Thank you.