Google TV

i see some posts asking about google tv that are very old, is this ever going to be implemented?

There are some Google TVs listed in the IR Compatibility list.

As far as IP control, as far as we can tell, Google has now abandoned Google TV in favor of “Android TV”. Google TV would have been an extremely heavy weight integration. We’ll take a look at Android TV once it starts appearing in real devices.

Thank you.

Here’s a work around for “IP control” on some things.

  1. Install Tasker and AutoRemote on your Google TV

  2. What ever task you want to perform on the GTV via “IP Control”, program it into Tasker. For example, if you want a button on Roomie to open a particular app, set opening that app up as the task. For arrow keys, you would use the Button task.

  3. Link the previous task to the AutoRemote plugin so AutoRemote functions as the profile.

  4. In AutoRemote, assign that profile a URL.

  5. In Roomie, make a custom button and set it to launch a URL in the background (without opening the browser).

  6. The app should now open via “IP”.