Guest access


I am wondering if there is a way to configure/allow this? My mother-in-law and father-in-law come to the house sometimes, and it would be nice if they could run simple control on their phone while they are here. Is there a way that they can get the app installed and use my configuration so they don’t have to steal my daughters iPad to control the TV?



Guest access is part of the Multihome License (also included as part of a Simple System License).

You can invite users to your configuration at either Owner, Admin, or Guest access levels. Adding a Guest does not require any license on the part of the recipient! They use your license and your configuration. All they need is a Simple Control account (free).

Multihome functionality is part of both the System and Home apps and requires a Simple Hub (which can simply be run from iOS inside the app).

Thank you.

Thanks for your reply!

Do they need to buy the $10 application as well? Or can they get the free application? It’s most likely that my mother-in-law will buy the app! :slight_smile:


If you grant someone Guest access, they can use the free Simple Control System app. They don’t need to buy anything. They get access to your location, and when using that location are using your license. If they switch to another location, they’d need their own license.

Thank you.