Hard remote connected over wifi to Roomie app

There are some things similar to this that are physical remotes useful for frequent “no look” tasks like volume, channel changes, cursor movement, etc. These remotes connect back to their “main control app” on the iPad or Android tablet. Could Roomie market such a remote for their app?

There’s almost no difference between that concept and the Stratus controller which Roomie already supports today:


Also see the Junglecat on that same page which was just introduced.

Thank you.

I had no idea that feature existed. Do you have any more information on how it works?

It looks like the brief description of the feature was on the 2.1 release notes under the “iOS 7 Game Controllers” section. ( roomieremote.com/news/roomie21release/ ) I was excited by this feature too, and I bought the “SteelSeries Stratus Wireless Gaming Controller.” It definitely works, but I came across one problem… Roomie automatically maps the physical buttons on the controller to virtual ones in Roomie. I would like the ability to customize the controls instead of automatically mapping what buttons do. If this is possible, I haven’t been able to find it in roomie??? Still loving roomie!

All of the mapping is automatic right now. The new Razer is pretty cool. It’s too bad these things are marketed as “game controllers” as they are basically perfect for this task if someone is dead set on using hard buttons.

Thank you.

Are there volume button on them? That’s all I really need it for.

The ones we have tested simply leave your iOS hardbutton volume controls exposed, so they don’t need their own because Roomie supports overriding those. You could of course also re-assign the function of a button such as say the left and right shoulder buttons to volume as well.

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Does a controller that looks like a basic remote not exist? Something very plain with a cursor area with enter in the middle, dedicated volume and channel buttons, a guide button, and play, stop, ff, etc buttons? That would be perfect and could just control whatever piece of hardware is active in Roomie. You guys should commission one if it doesn’t exist. I’d pay $100 for it.

You could of course also re-assign the function of a button such as say the left and right shoulder buttons to volume as well.

Would that reassignment be part of the device’s app or Roomie?

There is no such thing as a “device’s app” with iOS Controllers. It’s a feature of iOS. Your headphones don’t have a “headphone app”, same thing. Roomie is the device’s app as much as any other app that has support for iOS Controllers.

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A Roomie compatible remote with hard buttons would be great.

Even though the game-controllers probably work fine WAF is simply to low :frowning:

So note me down for another one who would pay for a Roomie remote with hard buttons.

Henrik Skare

Add me to the list :slight_smile:.