Hardware Volume Buttons on iPhone 4


I’ve set up Roomie on an iPhone 4, and it works fine. There are 3 ‘standard’ remotes all connected to a Global Cache iTach - Samsung TV Receiver, Panasonic TV and Panasonic Soundbar. The Soundbar controls all volume.


My problem is with Volume control via the iPhones Volume Buttons. The ‘soft’ buttons work fine, as they are activities linked to the Soundbar remote. But I can not get the iPhones Volume buttons to control.

Having searched the forums, I checked the Soundbar remote has a volume Rocker (it’s the standard remote). The Device Settings has ‘Volume for All activities’ selected. The Roomie settings has ‘Override Volume’ selected. I can not see what is wrong.

Any advice would be gratefully received. Thanks.


The hardware override feature requires the following:

  • An Activity based Remote Design (Test Remote and Manual Remote are not that).
  • A correctly setup Volume Control device with standard VOLUME UP and VOLUME DOWN commands.

Given the above are true, any remaining issues would likely be external to Roomie. For instance, an active phone call or a playing song from the iOS device might interfere with the buttons.

Thank you.