HD Guide Pack gaining new features

A brief announcement and heads up about the HD Guide Pack in Roomie 1.6:

We are adding major features to the HD Guide Pack in the next major release 1.6. These include a powerful Playlist Guide for iTunes, and a new Guide for Sonos systems. We will continue to add various guide related features to the HD Guide Pack over the course of multiple forthcoming releases. We will be previewing some of the 1.6 features here in the coming weeks.

As part of this, the price of the HD Guide Pack will be going up after 1.6 is released. However, we are keeping the price the same until then.

Thank you.

Will those of us that have the present version have to pay for the new one?


No. Basically we just want to point out that from now until the release of 1.6, the price will be at the current lower level allowing current purchasers to benefit from this information.