HDanywhere Control Codes

Hi all,

In a previous thread


there was discussion about whether Roomie supports the HDanywhere switching equipment. They have now published the control codes for RS232, IR, and IP on their website at: http://support.hdconnectivity.com/2012/12/rs232-serial-and-ir-codes-for-hdanywhere/

I am interested in getting Roomie working with the HKHDA44P (4x4 Multiroom + PoE HDBaseT Matrix SingleWire). IP would be the best method, since that won’t require any additional iTach equipment to interface via RS232 or IR.

Any chance of this being integrated into Roomie? I wanted to check before trying to do this myself using the DDK.

Here’s a direct link to the relevant specs for HKHDA44P IP control (and RS232/IR, for interest): http://support.hdconnectivity.com/wp-content/themes/toolbox/downloads/2012/HKHA414SW_V3-HKHDA44P-RS232-Serial-Codes-and-Port-Settings.pdf



I set the codes up for the HKHDA44P (4×4 Multiroom + PoE HDBaseT Matrix SingleWire) on IR, which works well, but I am trying to do it on IP now.

Just wondered if you had got anywhere before I spend any time on it.



I haven’t done any programming of the IP codes yet, but given the documentation provided by HDanywhere it looks reasonably straight-forward. If you do decide to attempt it and get it working please post back with the code configuration as I am sure it will be quite useful for others.



I originally set up the ir codes for the HDanywhere which work, but I am having some problems setting up the IP version. Do you have a copy of a file of another 4 x 4 swicth just to compare?