HEOS by Denon

Will Roomie have IP Control for the new Denon product line “HEOS”

I was at a Marantz/Denon launch of their latest range a couple of weeks ago and they said they will be making their platform completely open and available to third party control, so no reason why not…

Interesting someone else trying to knock Sonos off the perch though… I queried whether HEOS would be on board on their receivers which would have made sense, apparently not this series but the next it will be on board which would make their 5 & 7 speakers more viable imo. The app wasn’t too bad though, certainly better than the Sonos’ latest effort! terrible app!

We have no information on it yet. If they do have an open protocol, we’ll ask them for it at CEDIA.

Thank you.

Did you get the Protocol for the HEOS product from the folks at DENON? Are we going to see IP support for HEOS soon?