Hide Activity?

I have created a new virtual remote design, by defining a new activity without any commands. This is then referenced by other activities. As this virtual remote activity doesn’t actually do anything, is there any way it can be hidden in the activity list. Obviously it would have to appear when edit is selected.

N.B. Took delivery of my Itach IP2IR 3 days ago, and installed the apps. Had fun experimenting with the set up and am now tweaking.

This system is no short of brilliant, and I congratulate your company on not only a great product, but also such comprehensive replies to user queries. In this day of automated responses, that level of customer support is to be thoroughly commended.

I wish you continued success.


Think I might have answered my own question. Obviously still getting up to speed on how it all works.

Just a suggestion, but might it be worth some sort of “manual” to outline some of the more not-so-obvious functions and flexibility of the apps.

Still a great bit of kit though!