Hiding Double devices entries from homekit and direct device control.

I would like to see an added option/feature to hide or show devices that show using homekit and direct devices addition.
To control Phillips Hue Lighting by commands and by the ‘bottom bar’ light control a person adds HUE as a device.
For me:
To have Lutron Caseta Light control via commands a person adds it a device.
To have Lutron Caseta Light control as part of the ‘bottom bar’ light control a person has to add it via Homekit.
This is the only way this works.
BUT you can’t have HUE as part of Homekit If you do HUE will double up in the ‘bottom bar’ light control.
Many users may want HUE as part of both homekit for quick access outside the Simple Control App but also want it in the app and if you require the use of homekit like I do for Lutron I have sacrifice HUE in homekit so I don’t have double HUE light control entries in the Light Button on the ’ bottom bar’

This is already a feature. For a device, there is “Hide in HomeBar”. For a manifest entry such as for direct Hue control, the same option exists. So if you prefer direct Hue control over HomeKit Hue control for instance, you just mark the HomeKit devices for Hue to Hide in HomeBar.

Can you send me a screenshot of where this is at. All I ever seen as hide in dashboard.

Open the Hue device, tap View Manifest, tap a Manifest Entry.