Home automation Integration: Elgato Eve or Apple Homekit


I have just purchased two smart plugs by Elgato https://www.elgato.com/en/eve/eve-energy and I’m loving them very much!!!

With this I can for example turn on my Christmas tree placed outdoor from my living room but I actually purchased them because I wanted to overcome a huge limitation of my stereo amp from the vendor Vincent: my SV121 does not have the ability to be powered on from its remote (duhh!!), but now I can turn it on using the Elgato Eve app for iOS https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/elgato-eve/id917695792?mt=8

I would be very happy if Elgato could get integrated in Simple Control, or at least integrate with Apple Homekit. Elgate may sound a little too specific and not much audience could possible be interested, but I think that Apple Homekit will get some hype soon…


I would like to see this too along with the ability to use homekit/homebridge to trigger actions in SimpleControl. e.g. “Siri Watch TV in Family Room” and homekit/homebridge trigger SimpleControl to execute my Watch TV activity in Family Room group.

HomeKit integration would be appreciated.