Honeywell security control? Lutron RadioRa2 thermostat contr

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I love Roomie and I have been using it for some time. We are building a new home where I plan to use lutron RadioRa2 products which I know are compatible, just wanted to make sure i will be able to control the thermostat as well? Also I would like to know if I can integrate a Honeywell security system to be controlled by Roomie? Any help much appreciated. Thank you. Matt

+1 for the Honeywell thermostat and alarm support.

Honeywell makes a module for RS232 called the 4232CBM. … 10799.html

Would love to see Roomie use it for keypad emulation.

Thanks for the reply. I think I can connect the Honeywell security via rs232 to the lutron main repeater, so will this then give me the ability to control it through lutron RadioRa2 and then via Roomie?

I have a RR2 system without a Honeywell alarm, but I do have a Lutron/Honeywell TouchPro thermostat. I’d like to be able to control it from Roomie, and I would also like to default the fan to auto when watching in the home theater vs. the normal on mode for even airflow. The Lutron app does this well on command, but I don’t see any thermostat control. Other ideas? Thanks!

There aren’t any commands in Radio RA 2 for the Honeywell integration. Basically, Lutron creates phantom buttons for that instead: … 0Vista.pdf

So in Roomie you would use a .BUTTON PRESS command to do the same thing described in the Lutron phantom button index above.

There are however Lutron Radio RA 2 HVAC commands we could integrate feedback for in the future.

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Thank you,

so to be clear at this point, to control either a lutron Honeywell thermostat, (or any thermostat) And a Honeywell security system we would need to exit Roomie and use the lutron app for control correct?

No. The Honeywell can be controlled right now using RR2 Phantom Buttons. The link in our previous message gives details on that and is how Lutron intended it to work.

The Lutron RR2 HVAC integration is a different thing and is something we could add the commands and feedback for in the future. You could also do it now with the DDK.

Thank you.

I am new to Roomie, and I would very much like the HVAC controls in RR2. If someone could help me figure out how to get started, I wouldn’t mind trying to program something, but I have no experience with Roomie development. I certainly would volunteer for testing and feedback!

I’m trying to figure out how to shut off the fan (set to auto from on), which is available in Lutron’s app, when I press the button to watch a Blu-ray. I can’t figure out how to do this via Roomie. Does anyone have ideas? Thanks!

Do you have your Lutron manifest or do you see the fan in the device listing from Roomie’s Lutron manifest? Basically, you want to determine what the Integration ID of the device is and then send it a device command.

Thank you.

Hi. I have all the info. I don’t believe there’s a separate integration ID for the fan built into the HVAC TouchPro, but I’ll check and report back. Thanks!

Is there a manual for the DDK or some samples to go by? I’d like to program our RadioRa2 Honeywell Thermostats with feedback. I have no Idea where to start.

Can you explain how to set up the command string to set a temp?

For example the Lutron integration protocol shows an example on page 134 of

#HVAC, Integration ID, Action Number, Parameters

Set Heat Setpoint to 68 °F and Cool Setpoint to 72 °F

The command string would be #HVAC,1,2,68,72

So from the manifest my HVAC controller is ID 252

I set up a button to access the Lutron controller with a button press as the command. I select ID 252 and in parameter 1 I get an automatically filled in response of HVAC Zone 001

I replaced parameter 1 with the string:


But it’s not working.

I tried adding the CR and LF but I assume that’s parsed by roomie

Any suggestions?