How do I remove "channel-display" section from custom remote

I’m customizing my Apple TV remote, and the section immediately beneath the directional pad seems to serve no purpose with the Apple TV. (For clarification, it’s the section that, with other devices, such as a DirecTV receiver, displays the current channel and programming.)

So far, when editing any remotes (not just for the Apple TV), that section doesn’t seem to be listed among the among the various elements one can include or exclude. But when it’s not needed, it occupies precious screen-space.

Is it possible to remove it?

Actually that section very much serves a purpose. That is where the feedback from iTunes relative to your Apple TV is displayed. The whole section is removed if you don’t configure an associated iTunes device for your Apple TV Activity.

Thank you.

Thanks! I almost never play iTunes via the AppleTV, so I didn’t recall its use of that section.

That said, you just gave me an idea that might be revolutionary… :slight_smile:

On any virtual remote, what if we could tap and hold (for, say, 2 seconds) the upper left corner of any section (as defined by the rounded-rectangle boundary) to collapse that section from view?

This would allow us to hide sections we don’t need for that activity — without having to literally edit and save a whole new remote design. The design would remain intact, but any collapsed section(s) would remain so for that activity (persisting even after switching to other activities) until re-revealed.

On the iPhone especially, with its smaller screen, this would be phenomenally useful!

Tap-and-hold would allow implementation without having to clutter the interface with a disclosure triangle or similar. It would also minimize accidental triggering when simply scrolling.

I’ve attached a crude mock-up of what I’m describing — before and after collapsing a section.

(Although the collapsed section occupies a small amount of space, it’d be important to have some sort of visible reminder that a collapsed section exists. Of course, a solution that takes up no space would be even better — but that would require a disclosure triangle or something. This was just a quick-and-dirty proof of concept made from your existing design elements.

I hope you see the additional value and benefits this functionality would add to Roomie. :slight_smile: