How to customize the buttons per 2.1?

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I read that the buttons and design can be completely configured by user now using the DDK. I assume that means the edit screens on the device will still work as they do.


So my questions are, how do we use the ddk to change heights, positions of pads, etc?

And if we do that, whast would happen if we re-edit them using the device edit screens? Do they revert?

Or did I miss something entirely?

We actually released the details on that several weeks before 2.1. It’s part of the DDK here:

It is fully integrated with the existing Remote Design editor. The external part is simply the mapping itself.

Thank you.

But there is no way from the standard device-based editor to change button sizes, etc, correct?


I think a vb editor on Windows might be a cool project for me :slight_smile:


Yes, custom button coordinate positioning must be performed with the free tools that run on OS X as per the DDK. Once you have a mapping (such as the many mappings provided with the Original Remotes included with Roomie), each mapped button is then editable inside Roomie with no other tools.

Technically, the tools just create XML that is then interpreted by Roomie so you could edit that directly on Windows to create a mapping, but the tool to do this on OS X is widely recognized as the best interface layout tool in the world so it’s really the best possible option.

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I looked through the roomie.plist and roomieremotes.plist files and do not see coordinates for the buttons. I do see the button definitions etc.


Can you point me to the x-y coordinates per button?


The DDK provides information on how to create that. When you import any mapping, it is automatically translated into a Mapped Remote and stored in RoomieRemotes.plist as part of your configuration.

Thank you.

got it…

I tested and build a remote with half size buttons for the addon buttons at the bottom, and am playing with adding buttons under the top row set.

I see that if the top row set has ‘too many’ for it, it treats the extra as a row end, and a row of buttons. That set I am trying to set to half height.

Pretty cool stuff!