How to Hide the "+ Add Activity" Button?

Simple question for you guys… How do I hide the “+ Add Activity” button from the user? I thought that there used to be a setting in the Settings screen (in Apple Settings App) for Simple Control but that just contains settings for what Simple Control has access to on the phone. I have checked all the screens in the App and maybe I missed it but I didn’t see a option to turn off the button. I don’t want all users of the App to have access to easily create new activities. Am I missing something? Please add this ability as soon as possible if it does not already exist.



“Prevent Editing” is the primary way to disable that. The Setup Guide goes into further detail on many additional options and granularity in this area.

Thank You! To be fair it seems a little obscure (at least to me) to find “prevent editing” under the “Wall Mount” settings. I will take a look at the setup guide. Thanks for your help.