Html command for remote mapper

I am new to RoomieRemote. I would like to send html commands to an application running on my Mac mini. The format is like this one: “”. I created a custom device using the http protocol and entered the codes, but this doesn’t work. How should the code look like in Roomie? Can I send a command without creating a device first?

Detailed documentation for custom code sets is in the DDK (see Knowledge Base: Setup Guides).

The ‘code’ in your case is simply “OpenRoon”. Everything else is the device you create based on that custom code set.

RR seems to create a “get” command (please see the a) case).063348.752

how can I tell the application to skip the “get” and simply send the command?

Sounds like you’re not actually dealing with an HTTP device because GET (or one of its many substitutes like POST) is required. If you’re trying to simulate a browser open, you could just add a command to an Activity to open that URL directly and skip anything related to code sets.

Will, thank you for this tip. This works perfectly. It will do the job.