iBeacon for Proximity Automation

I have a 3rd party iBeacon that my phone clearly sees however i cant see it in Simple Control. Is there anyway to add 3rd party ibeacon in Simple Control? Also would one of the more known ibeacons (Estimote) come appear in the app?

This article covers that question:

simplecontrol.com/knowledgeb … detection/

Thank you.

Just to add my experience on this one - as I’ve just setup iBeacon’s in my home. Took me around an hour but now I have it figured out it would take only a few minutes to do.

My experience is that the instructions provided aren’t technically accurate:

  1. In Simple Control, Go to Settings -> Proximity Automation and note down the Beacon ID.
  2. On each of the iBeacon’s you need to set the following lines:
  • UUID, Set this to the Beacon ID that you wrote down above.
  • Major, Set this to the line number of your room, counting from top to bottom. Except - Line 1 doesn’t work (For me). I created a dummy room on line 1 and then started with Living Room on line 2, Game room on line 3, Bedroom on Line 4 etc…
  • Minor, Doesn’t seem to matter what this is set to. I just set this to the same as the Major to keep it simple.
  1. That’s all you need to do. Go back to Settings -> Proximity Automation and enable the ‘Automatic Room Detection’ under MONITOR. You should see all of your iBeacon’s listed (if they are in range) with their estimated distance.

For me, when I walk between rooms now I can see the distance changes on all the iBeacon’s, and Simple Control jumps to that rooms Activities / Controls when I walk into the room relatively quickly (it’s not always instant).

FYI - I bought 3 Kontakt iBeacons: store.kontakt.io/our-products/2 … eacon.html
Total cost $81 (about £56) and they say they last around 2 years on battery.
I also had a phone call on the day of delivery from Kontakt asking if I needed any help to set them up - so very good experience with them so far !