InFocus IN8606HD - RS232 Control with DDK


I’m trying to control an InFocus IN8606HD Projector with an iTach flex RS232. I made the file RoomieCodes.plist with the help of the Roomie DDK.

The Problem is: The only command that works with the Roomie app is “power on”

“power off”, “input HDMI1”, “input component” won’t work.

When i use the Global Cache iTest, all four commands are working.


Is there an Error in the file i made?


The RoomieCodes.plist file contains:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> brand InFocus cat IN8606HD codes Component \x28\x53\x52\x43\x31\x30\x29 HDMI1 \x28\x53\x52\x43\x35\x29 POWER OFF \x28\x50\x57\x52\x30\x29 POWER ON \x28\x50\x57\x52\x31\x29 method binary type 15