Input Switching Issue


I am having an issue getting my roomie remote to switch inputs when selecting an activity. I am running an Harman Kardon AVR 254 which is connected to a Vizio TV. The AVR 254 has an Apple TV, Uverse Cable Box and Airport Express(to stream music) connected to it. When I set up the activities, everything works fine (power, volume, channel control, etc) except for the AVR switching to the correct input automatically. I have set up input switching in the device settings and can do it manually.

I am using two iTach WF2IR controllers to run everything.

Does anyone have any recommendations?


Sounds like a delay issue. If you look inside the Activities, you will probably see a command sequence like:

POWER ON - Receiver

You will want to increase the “Delay Next Command” on the first command to something like 500ms or greater to make sure that the receiver has enough time to wake up before it’s ready to accept the input change command.

Thank you.

Thank you for the suggestion. I tried doing that and it did not work. I increased the delay up to 10000 ms just to be sure but it still just sits on the previous input.


You would want to walk through the IR diagnosis checklist here:

You could also try learning the input codes if it continues not to work after that: