Insteon Feedback not reporting

I currently have ISY99 and 10 Insteon Dimmers installed in my house and have them configured working with a button and a slider. The problem I am having is that one of them and only one for them is not reporting to the slider or the button. The button and the slider both work for operation of the light however the feedback isn’t working correctly? I have tried restoring the device (ISY), rebooting the ISY (which is responding the correct status) removing the device in Roomie and re-adding it, and the Node number is correct in both the slider and the button.

Any ideas?


I’m having the exact same issue with one lamplinc device. Which type of device is giving you that trouble? Maybe it is something odd with the lamplinc. I can still control the levels with the slider, but when I use the button to turn it on and off the slider never moves. Manually moving it DOES change the brightness level of the lamp though, so it’s just an issue with feedback.