Insteon or Z-Wave for Lights Control

I only need to control two floor lamps from Roomie and don’t want to go to Lutron. Which is the more reliable controller Insteon Smartlink-RF or Mi casa verde Vera Light? I only need on/off control from Roomie, nothing else.

The ISY99 would be the most reliable and full-featured controller we’re aware of at the consumer level without requiring Lutron training/dealers, etc.

Roomie people have more experience with these things than I do. But I can report that if you’re thinking about the VeraLite, it works with Roomie and my 4 z-wave devices. I can associate activities with lighting scenes, and I have buttons in my activities that let me adjust the lighting. Setup was not intuitive, but it works well now that I’ve got it configured.

How about the technologies themselves, Insteon Dual Mode vs. Z-Wave? Which is more reliable? I see that a lot more companies are supporting Z-Wave.

Lutron RadioRA 2 is more reliable. The reliability difference between Insteon and Z-Wave is probably not worth debating.

Aww, cmon, let’s debate it! :slight_smile: I have all z-wave, but based on what I think I know, if I were to buy more modules I would go with Insteon because they rely on both RF and powerline to propagate signals. I believe Insteon has other features designed to improve on Z-Wave and (shudder) X-10.

For what it’s worth, my Z-Wave setup has been flawless, but it’s all in one room, not the whole house.

i have insteon in the whole house and works perfectly for me, wifi or remote, you can do whatever you want with the lights, also the air conditioning its pretty easy to install and works 100% perfect

I have a rather large Insteon system with over 200 devices of all types.

Although I believe Insteon, in it’s latest implementation, is the most reliable of everything mentioned, I suspect all the options would be acceptable.

However, what is truly worth evaluating is the cost of each system. Nothing comes close to the price/performance ratio of Insteon. I could probably buy 25 devices for what 3 RadioRa devices cost.