Insteon Powerlinc 2412U

This is the newer version of the 2412N which is supported.

That’s not a newer version. It’s actually essentially the same device except it has a USB interface instead of an Ethernet interface which makes it essentially useless from a Roomie perspective.

The normal way something like that might work into a Roomie system would be through something like an ISY99 that talks to a 2412S (Serial Model) or the 2412U (USB Model) when used with a serial adapter. Usually, you would just get the 2412S with the ISY99 for simplicity, but arguably if you were to do something like use a Vera you might want the 2412U instead. In any case, the 2412U has no relevance to Roomie directly as there’s no way for the iPhone/iPad to interface to it and there are other models (2412N) that do.