Integra 80.2 IP or Serial preferred?

I had my Onkyo Integra 80.2 integrated via direct IP - and it worked pretty well including feedback, but sometimes didn’t turn on. Since i was switching my BDP-103 over to serial control anyway - i ordered an ITACH Flex to switch the Onkyo over to serial as well.

What i cannot get now though - is any feedback from the Integra to Roomie. I was trying to figure out of there was some sort of Verbose mode i had to enable for it - as I did on the Oppo - but cannot find anything.

Maybe i should just go back to the basic question of - which of the control interfaces to you guys like the best for the Integra? Direct IP or RS-232? … .and if it’s RS-232 - what did i miss to get feedback to the remote.

Typically, a lack of feedback via IP means the device needs to be unplugged, wait 30 seconds, and plug it back in. Then make sure no other devices on your network are trying to claim it.

A lack of feedback via Serial is usually a more fundamental issue like the wrong baud rate or an incorrect command set.

Thank you.

I have the Integra 80.3 and if it was off for a while it would not turn on via IP. I figured out that network control had to be tuned on in the settings and now it works flawlessly.