Integrate the use of the 'Sensor' feature in the G

I know it is a bit of an ask, especially when using multiple IOS devices effectivly makes this a hybrid, peer-to-peer system, but here goes…

The ability to utilize the ‘sensor’ function on the GC-100/iTach range of devices would be a great bonus to an already amazing piece of software.

I use/have used sensors that have been built into other bits of kit in the past and they can provide a multitude of uses from the status of an items power or if something is open/closed to a phone line ringing or thermostat has reached temperature. The list is as good as endless. In doing so, you can get just a simple status update on a remote/activity as to your requirements or for the more advanced option (probably not capable without a dedicated roomie server??), to have roomie execute commands/activities dependant on the status of a sensor. Though this would turn it from peer-to-peer, to a client-server system!

I can only imagine this to be a fairly large undertaking , but thought that as it wasn’t already on the list, I would add it, as I know others would benefit too, even if it were just to see the status or feedback of a sensor, plus the sensors are something else you can offer for sale in the shop.


This would be a welcome addition and a competitive advantage. Adding simple logic such as “execute command if sensor on/off” would be perfect. Each command in an activity would have the option of checking the sensor. The sensor can be added under a new category, Activities, Remotes, Sensors. Logic is, check gc sensor status, compare to on on/off, execute command.

This would be huge for me as I have a bunch of old stuff without discrete on/off and these devices are all built in to a cabinet in a motorhome so I can’t easily replace them.

+1 for sensors


We think we squeezed feedback for this in at the last minute in 1.8. We’ll see (we haven’t tested it that much and we haven’t added it to the release notes officially). Note that is feedback. So you can have binary state buttons that change their commands or image based on the state of a sensor/relay in iTach IR/CC or GC100 devices. Or you can just have a display of the sensor/relay state.

Power Toggle devices seem like a totally separate issue to us, but regardless that’s also greatly improved by 1.8 in a separate feature.

Conditional logic is another separate topic. We’re aware of that as a feature request.

That is great news!

Seems like a binary state button that changes it’s command based on the state of a sensor WOULD actually work for power toggle or conditional logic.

If some condition is true then Power Toggle else some command that does nothing.

Nevertheless, I am anxious to see the greatly improved power toggle feature in 1.8!


Can you go into a little more detail? Tracking the power state in 1.8 is a nice feature but it can get out of sync if someone uses the cable remote instead. I’ve ordered the video out sensor for one of the inputs on an iTach IP2IR.



The sensor functionality in 1.8 is enabled first by adding the iTach as a Sensor device (this can be in addition to your normal IR devices or instead of). So select your iTach IR in Add Device, then instead of choosing a port, and choose Sensor Control from the next screen (these steps are not needed if you’re using an iTach CC).

You will then have a CC device configured for your iTach IR or iTach CC. From that point just add commands such as OPEN 1 or CLOSE 1 wherever you need them if you’re using contact closures.

To read status of a sensor, add a Button or Display with Feedback from the Sensor device set to ‘Sensor’ type, and the port set to the associated iTach IR port or iTach CC port.