Integrating SmartThings into Roomie

I have a fan on a ZWave switch connected to my SmartThings Hub. The fan can be powered or off by going into the SmartThings App. The fan is there to cool my home theater equipment; therefore, I’d like to integrate SmartThings into a Roomie Activity, to automate it.

I figured I could make this happen by creating an activity that opens the SmartThings app; however, I can not open the SmartThings app within Roomie without getting a SmartThings “Authentication Error.” This error only occurs when I try to access SmartThings from Roomie. If I go directly into the SmartThings app, I don’t have this problem.

To my way of thinking, this is no different than the Roomie iTunes Activity I set up that open the Remote app automatically, so I can remotely control iTunes on my computer (or an AppleTV).

Has anyone else experienced this, and is there a workaround or fix for it?