Ios 6

Will Roomie 1.6 work with IOS 6 or will there be a delay in getting compatibility ?

Roomie 1.6 as far as we know works fine on iOS 6. We know we have many users that have been using it on betas of iOS 6 with no reports of any issues. Our internal testing also indicates no issues so far.

Apple says that we will see black bars on the sides of the iPhone 5 unless the app has been optimized for IOS 6. Has the roomie app been optimized for IOS 6?

Let’s clarify. While we are not aware of any issues with iOS 6, the iPhone 5 will definitely need an update. That’s a different question. It’s likely such an update will be available before you’re able to obtain an iPhone 5. Nevertheless, it looks like 1.6.0 probably runs okay on the iPhone 5 right now modulo potentially some bars, but this is very preliminary.

Version 1.6.1 is now live. It does have fixes for both iOS 6 and iPhone 5. We recommend upgrading to the new release if you plan to use Roomie on either of those.