IOS 7 Support

Preferably by the time the final version hits the public. It doesn’t currently work on IOS 7. It updates devices on every launch… Then everything is blank.


thank you

It’s safe to say there’s no need to request iOS 7 support as that’s a certainty. We’re not just going to hack something together though. Our hope is to synchronize version 2.0 with iOS 7. Either way, there will be a version of Roomie available by the time iOS 7 is released that works well on iOS 7.

Note that our current plan involves deprecating iOS 5 in the same release. Version 1.9, due for release imminently, will continue to run on iOS 5 as will any maintenance releases it may receive (1.9.1, etc.)

Thank you.

Already ditching iOS5? Many people are still on iOS5 that missed the last jailbreak opportunity (6.1.2). I’m sure you have your reasons, but just figured I’d point this out. Just curious what you gain by removing support for older versions? Just leaner code?

+1 on NOT removing ios5 support.

The other reason is alot of people (like me), use older phones as remotes. An iphone 3gs or old iphone 4 is a perfect remote. Newer IOS version tend to be bigger and these phones have smaller memory, so they run slower with each system upgrade

The removal of iOS 5 support in Roomie 2.0 will be far more about iOS 7 than about iOS 5. Last August, we removed iOS 4 support. That meant losing the original iPhone 3G from the supported list. The intent is to support 2 iOS versions at any given time. So as of Roomie 2.0 that will be iOS 6 and 7.

We know how many users are on iOS 5 with Roomie. It’s a very small number, and shrinking. We’re talking about something that is about 4 months away. Anyone that needs to continue running iOS 5, which is iPad 1 users, can do so by copying the IPA file for Roomie 1.9.X out of their iTunes Media folder now or otherwise making a Time Machine backup for instance – in other words you can do this today if you anticipate that. You will then be able to restore that to your device indefinitely.

From a technical perspective, iOS 7 requires all hands on deck, it is a massive move. We are very excited about iOS 7, but it will need all of our resources and we will be updating things all the time to support iOS 7 that will not work on iOS 5. This is the classic conundrum that slows software development (multiple platforms being the real killer there). We effectively would need to rewrite portions of the app to work anew on iOS 5 in a way that also works on iOS 7 potentially making the iOS 7 implementation less great in order to suit the lowest common denominator of iOS 5.

What we would like to ensure is that those iPad 1 devices running iOS 5 with Roomie 1.9.X will still be able to work in a Roomie 2.0+ environment via Wi-Fi Synchronization, etc. As there will be at least one 1.9.X maintenance release, make sure if you fall into this category of iPad 1 users that you save the future IPA file as well.

Thank you.

Informative response! Thanks!

Actually, I was about to ask if a saved IPA in itunes would be compatible with new releases!!! You answered first!

Only 6% of ios devices are using IOS 5. That will go down even more after IOS 7 drops

FYI: Roomie does seem to work just fine with IOS7 beta 2. The no text thing must have been on Apples end.

roomie working with with ios beta 2 here