iOS local streaming from Roomie?

Im just wondering and maybe this is something outside the realm of roomie, but my pioneer avr for instance has an app that can access dlna music servers and select and play the music i selected right from the app. So for instance I use meadiamonkey, because like some i use flac and dont like itunes. It has a dlna server, my denon avr app lets me select and look up the music and play it through the avr, would this be possible with roomie?

And just incase this is not quite clear, i am basically asking for something like this right into roomie. … eApp-2.jpg

When I add my pioneer avr it would be nice if i could access the media server features of the avr as well right on my ipad/iphone like you can in the official app without having to actually look at the tv.

And that picture btw is right from the pioneer app, you can access all your media and play it from your phone through the avr. I am not sure if this feature is not present in roomie because it requires access to network protocol these companies wont share, or if its simply not a feature thought of as being useful.

Edited and renamed the title of this to reflect the actual feature request we’re tracking related to this.

Thank you.

Thank you for cleaning it up :slight_smile:

I really wish i could edit my posts like I used to, i am making a mess out of this.

But im a little worried the thread title which was changed is not conveying what i am asking and it might be getting confused, i am not requesting streaming from roomie, just controlling the streaming. The popular thing in my estimation (even more popular then itunes when you combine them all) is the various other programs such a windows media player, xbmc, foobar, winamp, ect… they can all serve your music library through upnp/dlna, you can control them with various apps for ios, but i am asking for control right in roomie such as through the avr…

Every avr from onkyo, pioneer, denon, marantz, ect… has the ability to see and play music from dlna/upnp servers. Doing a bit more research they all advertise it in their official ios apps as “browse, play, control music from your media server”

I dont know if im dumbing this down to much, but im just worried this somewhat basic feature of controlling dlna/upnp servers from an app is not being understood as roomie seems to focus mainly on itunes only. But i just want to make sure the request is not being confused. Dlna/upnp control from roomie would basically cover every other media player software out there as well. I assume thats why the big avr companies allow this control right from their apps.