IP and IR

I am doing this for my Sony BluRay player. You can’t power it up via IP commands, so I added it both as a direct IP device and an IR device through my iTach IR, and manually added a Power On command via IR before any IP commands are sent.

Then my problem is perhaps not related to mixing IP and IR commands after all. But if that is so, what could be causing it? I think only two devices are actually affected, a BR player and SAT receiver. It usually starts with a particular IR command not being recognised (it comes back red). Soon thereafter more commands that formerly worked fine stop being recognised until the whole device becomes inoperable. These devices have their own emitters.

Red commands mean the controller is not responding. So the issue there is likely network related (eg. spotty Wi-Fi) or a problem with the controller.

Thank you.

Yes I read that in the FAQ as well, but I cannot imagine it is the network. Fisrt of all because it streams other (non-Roomie related content) without a hitch and second because when I try to access the controller on the web there never are any problems. It just comes up. So how do I diagnose this further?

Contacting support can confirm with diagnostics that the controller is not responding.

Thank you.