IP Control of Rotel RSX-1056

I have an older Rotel RSX-1056 receiver with a ‘computer i/o’ port (a Cat 5 cable plugs into it). Will the Roomie Remote work with this receiver if I have it plugged into my network?

According to the manual for the device, that’s not a network port. It’s actually just a serial port that uses the same connector as a network port. It’s likely you could control it via an IP2SL/WF2SL adapter with a custom serial cable. You would also need to create a custom device for the codes as serial support for that device is not part of the main library:




I have the same issue with a Rotel RSP-1069 pre-processor. The RJ45 is connected via the rotel rj45 to db9 cable into an IP2SL. THE ITACH is recognized in roomie of course but I can’t for the life of me figure out how to setup the roomiecodes.plist file for the codes. ITACH is setup at 38400 baud as per the rotel guide below.


Can you help me get started? Would the codes be string, data? Should the method be binary? Not really clear.

Heres the Rotel code format:

rotel.com/content/downloads/ … mmands.pdf


Appreciate any assistance

That would be method of binary. The codes would all be string type, and for instance this would be how you would format the power toggle code:


Hi, unfortunately doesn’t work. See my setup below:

I have brand : Rotel

Cat: sample receiver codes


   VOLUME UP: \xFE\x03\xA2\x10\x0C\xC1 

Method : binary

Type: 16

That is not realistically something that can be diagnosed on the forums. Contacting support would be your best option.

spearfish25, did you ever determine the best setup for the Rotel RSX 1056? I too have this receiver and I am interested in your configuration.

support: if I choose to use the IP to IR configuration, will RoomieRemote be able to provide live feedback for volume, etc. ?

I got this working for my RSP-1069 using an IP2SL from iTach.

Let me know if you need help.

I’ve a Rotel RSP-1066 (quite similar to the 1069). If you’ve managed to have in roomie live feedback for Rotel volume… I could order an IP2SL (currently I’ve only an infrared one).

Have you perhaps already configured it for roomie (with live fbk), so to be of any help?

Many thanks!

No feedback yet. Would love to get that working.

Any help from roomie moderator?

it would be excellent to have live feedback from my rotel RSP1066 sound processor…

Rotel is not on the supported IP list. We prioritize devices that we work on internally based on user demand which is measured from the Feature Requests forum and support tickets.

Thank you.


But in this case is not an IP compatibility: here we are asking for RS232 live feedback. Would it be possible?

And, nonetheless, Rotel is one of the top selling (non esotheric) audiophile brands…

I agree, but I think more importantly rather than do it for one brand or a specific brand we need a mechanism to parse rs232 feedback for custom devices.


I know what the feedback looks like and if I had a way to define it in roomie I could make this work on my own without needing roomie to build the codes.

Correct. I’m not personally such an expert in harnessing with the i/o Rs232 flow, but… what DJ states makes lot of sense! (and maybe can help you… helping us;)

@djsherif: I see you’ve setup the rs232 to control yr Rotel pre-processor, even if - at now - you’ve not been able to manage its feedback (I think mostly for volume control and power status).

Currently I control my Rotel RSP-1066 with an infrared blaster (iTach wifi) and it works “reasonably well” (even if - from time to time - the Rotel loses some volume IR input): do you think the rs232 solution is more solid? …and easy to setup? Thanks!


Hi Jim, yes it’s very stable and instant. Also no ugly IR sticking on the front.


You need the original rotel rs232-rj45 cable, an ITACH ip2sl and some codes from rotel added to your plist file. Easy peasy. If you need a copy of my file to get you started letemo know.

Thanks! So I think I’ll try buying a GC-100-12 (to have two serials, for Rotel and TV, and the rest between IR and IP).

If you could send me a copy of yr file, just to start… yes, it could be great!

I don’t like putting my email in clear in a forum, for spam reasons (and here is not possible to send private msgs, I think), so we could use a temporary email (M8R-p01o6n@mailinator.com) if you like.

We fixed the forums so that you can attach plist files directly now so there’s no need to use email anyway.

BTW We think you’d be much better off with two iTach units than the older GC-100-12 model. The improvements since those original GC models are innumerable, not the least of which is multiple connection support.

Thank you.

Thanks, roomie :slight_smile: Seen the attachment feature.

So… ok, if I won’t win the current eBay GC100 auction… I’ll opt for the serial iTach.

Quick question: the difference between the “old” serial iTach and the new “flex” one stands only in form factor and possibility to use serial OR infrared? Or are there any more differences in features / speed?