IP Support for Cisco 8600HD

I have Cox Communications Cable service and they have an App for their HD DVR (which is the Cisco 8600HD), it would be nice if Roomie offered more then one cable providers equipment for IP Control. Any chance this will be added to future releases?

I would have purchased the app 5 times already for clients if it had this support. All cable providers in the area use Cisco boxes, judging by the brand, and Cable Provider’s apps, they can be IP controlled.

We have researched many similar boxes in the past. We have yet to find one that supports actual IP control. The way those old-style boxes work is that they didn’t support IP control so the cable people send signals through the cable network itself to force configuration changes in the cable box. If you for instance try to change the channel from a cable company app, that message goes from your iPad to your cable company over the Internet, then it gets encoded to go out onto the actual cable signal, and eventually it is received by the cable box itself through your cable signal and the channel is changed. Not IP control.

Now, in some cases, there are actually companies that have opened up APIs to share that functionality with third-parties. We are exploring that. Cox cable is not one of those.

Thank you.